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(Ocean Road Beach, c. 1920 P07.C1.101.2.2)

The beaches and ocean have been providing local residents of Bridgehampton with enjoyment for hundreds of years. They are a place for families to meet, children to play, and suiters to try and win the affections of their prospective partners.

Even before the turn of the 19th century local residents would flock to the beaches in the warmer summer months to enjoy the cool ocean breezes and a swim in the waters of the Atlantic. 

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Bridgehampton Bathing Club, c.1920s
provenance: Hallock Real Estate

Bridgehampton Bathing Club, 1921, in background, with Blanche Sorzano Worth (1899-1995) and daughter Blanche Worth Seigfried.
provenance: Merriweather Schmid Album 
Ocean Road Beach, Bridgehampton c. 1920
provenance: Hallock Real Estate Agency
Rough Bathing, c. 1900
provenance Ernest Clowes
Male Beach Costumes, c. 1898
left to right: Harry L. Hildreth, Fred V. Clowes
Beach Bathing  with Bath Houses run by Forrest Stephens at end of Ocean Road, 1900
Beach Arbor  - high tide, c. 1899
provenance: Ernest Clowes
Family Photograph, 1889
Labelled on the reverse: “Twyeffort year 1889 Bridgehampton” 
Court Worth and N. Townsend Thayer Sr., Mecox Bay 
"New" Bridgehampton Beach Club, 1962.
provenance: Merriweather Schmid Album
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