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Corporate Support

Corporate Support

When your company supports the Bridgehampton Museum, it demonstrates your commitment to social responsibility, community engagement, and preserving cultural enrichment.

A corporate partnership with the Museum provides opportunities to engage employees, entertain clients, and promote your brand at a local Museum. Explore how your corporation can partner with the Bridgehampton Museum, one of Bridgehampton’s iconic institutions.

You can show your support for the Museum by becoming a Patron, sponsoring an exhibition, workshop or an education initiative, or donating to support our collection and programs.

Corporate Patron Program

This distinguished membership program awards companies of all sizes benefits, offering premier access to the Museum’s resources for employees, executives, and clients as well as providing the Museum with essential operating support. 

Join today and add your company’s name to the list of Corporate Patrons. For more information, please contact

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship provides a valuable, high-profile partnership opportunity for corporations of all sizes. Your sponsorship of the Museum not only aligns your brand with the Museum’s mission—it provides increased visibility, brand exposure, and reach to people from across the east end and around the world, who come through the Museum’s doors each year.

For more detailed information about how your company can sponsor an exhibition, event, public program or support an education initiative, please email

Corporate Philanthropy

Help us bring history to life.  Donations of various sizes support our collection and exhibits, provide education to students from all over, and turn knowledge into action through the Museum preservation and conservation initiatives. 

For more detailed information about how your company can sponsor an exhibition or support an education initiative, please email

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